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Technical Advisory

Al Falwa technical and production teams are available to advise in industry on best practices.
Our Concrete Laboratories consist of a central and several site laboratories that are equipped with state of the art testing facilities meeting global standards. They provide up-to-date technical resources for concrete research, and evaluation and testing of materials. The lab testing facilities include:

  • Prepare aggregate samples for concrete, concrete specimens, cement paste and mortar for testing and analysis.
  • Test concrete workability, pump ability and rheology properties.
  • Curing of concrete specimens under standard or other controlled conditions
  • Test the mechanical properties of concrete and cement.
  • Evaluate degree of hydration of concrete.
  • Investigate the effects of chemical and environmental exposure on concrete, including Resist Chloride Iron Penetration, Water Absorption, Water Penetration and Initial Surface Absorption.

Products List

  • Normal Concrete Mixes:

    A full range of concrete mixes to suit a particular workability, strength or durability
  • Recycled Concrete:

    Concretes made from recycled ingredients such as aggregates, crushed concrete
  • Heavyweight Concrete:

    High-density concrete suitable for nuclear containment and reactors and hospital