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Quality Management

Al Falwa's commitment to total quality management (TQM) extends to every area of its operations. Al Falwa Concrete was one of the first Ready Mix Companies in Saudi Arabia to obtain accreditation for ISO 9001:2008.

The achievements of these certifications are the result of continuous efforts of both the management and employees, since Al Falwa's inception, to ensure adherence to quality control standards.

Client satisfaction and confidence is how we, at Al Falwa, define and measure our success. This is evident by the number of repeat customers with whom Al Falwa conducts business.

Al Falwa has the most exhaustive and comprehensive material testing procedures in this region. To ensure that mix designs comply with the most stringent specifications, qualified personnel closely monitor production phases and samples are tested at the IN-HOUSE LABORATORIES.

In addition to providing technical advice and consultancy services to customers, Al Falwa READYMIX is committed to raising the standards of professionalism in the industry.

Al Falwa pride themselves on the quality of the final product and we ensure very comprehensive Concrete Quality Control systems arein place ensuring that the necessary quality checks are carried at all stages of the production process for delivering quality concrete.

Al Falwa Quality Control Personnel exert their continued and best efforts, aided by modern equipment and up-to-date technology to meet INTERNATATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS.

Al Falwa has the resources to compete with any product of International Standard, ensuring our products comply with durability, workability and strength to meet your specific requirements.ISO CERTIFICATE

Products List

  • Normal Concrete Mixes:

    A full range of concrete mixes to suit a particular workability, strength or durability
  • Recycled Concrete:

    Concretes made from recycled ingredients such as aggregates, crushed concrete
  • Heavyweight Concrete:

    High-density concrete suitable for nuclear containment and reactors and hospital