Al falwa
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Production Facilities

Al Falwa has numerous Production branches covering Riyadh and outlying areas of Saudi Arabia. Each of our branches typically has two, batching Plants in operation. All our facilities are constructed using the latest innovative industry technology. We consider the full carbon footprint of the product and limit it as much as possible, through careful consideration of; Materials sources & processes Material Handling & storage methods recycling of Materials including water Efficiency of entire manufacturing and delivery process Our Batching Plants and Ice Flake cooling Plants and Storage facilities are predominantly from German and Italian suppliers. These have the most technologically advanced software & hardware, which not only enhances the capacity, accuracy and quality of the concrete mixes being produced, but also makes the equipment more Energy Efficient and reliable whilst minimizing Dust emissions.

Products List

  • Normal Concrete Mixes:

    A full range of concrete mixes to suit a particular workability, strength or durability
  • Recycled Concrete:

    Concretes made from recycled ingredients such as aggregates, crushed concrete
  • Heavyweight Concrete:

    High-density concrete suitable for nuclear containment and reactors and hospital