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Health and Safety


We have comprehensive risk and safety management policies and procedures, based on the principle of accident prevention everywhere, at all times. The policies cover workplace safety, hazard identification, reporting and response mechanisms and the protection of people, processes and facilities. Our clients expect no less, and we approach each project confident in our ability to exceed their expectations.


We have implemented environmental management systems to meet ISO 14001 standards. All our activities are undertaken with the strictest environmental protection measures, and all employees are trained in this, as in our other policies and procedures..

HSE Policy

The Group has a commitment to zero accident and LTI rates, and this is enacted from board level throughout the subsidiaries. Our HSE policies and procedures are applicable to all our work sites and to our sub-contractors.

To this end we empower all members of our staff with stop-work authority, and train them in risk assessment, hazard identification, accident and incident prevention and safe working practices.

Products List

  • Normal Concrete Mixes:

    A full range of concrete mixes to suit a particular workability, strength or durability
  • Recycled Concrete:

    Concretes made from recycled ingredients such as aggregates, crushed concrete
  • Heavyweight Concrete:

    High-density concrete suitable for nuclear containment and reactors and hospital